JobLine  Management adheres  to the sector codes of ethics, especially to the Universal Charter of Recruitment Consultancy, accepted by all IMSA members, in relation both to Clients and to Candidates.

Universal Charter of Recruitment Consultancy

The Recruitment Consultant will act promptly and exclusively for each commissioning body with the specific aims of searching for, and the evaluation of candidates with regard to a function which has previously been defined.

In the exercise of their profession they will respect the fundamental rights of the individual, as stated in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. Moreover, they will respect the laws existent in the countries wherein they are called upon to carry out their duties, and the regulation of the professional organization to which they are attached.

They will accord particular importance to the freedom of choice of the individual and one of the prospective employer both in economic and human terms within the contract which will bind them.

In their professional practice is implicit that they will adhere to the principles of: professional confidentiality, objectivity, and of equal respect for the culture and values of both their client and of those persons approached.

They will use means and methods already mastered and proved, and constantly strive to improve and perfect them.

They will share the benefits of their experience and of their experience and of their accrued expertise with their professional colleagues.

Within the limits of their professional experience, and the resources available to them, they will freely and willingly offer vocational guidance to those persons they meet in the course of their professional activities.

They will wholeheartedly commit themselves to the advancement and development both of their fellow men and organizations.

This declaration has been ratified by the body of Recruitment Consultants here present. They take it upon themselves to make its contents known, and to put its articles into practice in all their activities.

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