Our Method

Operational Model

Step 1:

Meeting with the customer in order to learn about its: culture , history, strategies, and markets. Define the Job profile: knowledge, experience, abilities, attitudes, values. Challenges, trends, career expectation, etc.

Design at JobLine´s office a proposal of final Job profile and obtain the customer´s approval.

Time: 3 days.

Step 2:

Several meetings in JobLine (Searching committee), analyzing this profile comparing with other similar in the past(database of interview), database of executives and companies, search in public database, referred from third parties, etc.

From these sources, make a contact of possible candidates trough phone or @mail, make a short interview(  phone call)  on key factors, obtain or not their acceptance and then verify the actual personal information and our own references.

Build a list of pre-selected professionals.

Time: 3 weeks.

Step 3:

Interviews at JobLine´s offices: business topics and psychological interview .At least, 3 different interviews to around 8 candidates that definitely accomplish with the profile..

Step 4:

The Searching committee select 3 professional of them and the project leader write a report to the customer with the following contents: Management summary of each one, their resume and a report from the Psychologist in charge of the process..

Step 5

JobLine brings the report personally to the client (normally in a meeting with different executives, where we explain a management summary of the candidates in a short meeting (45 minutes), and prepare the agenda for future interviews).

In no more than a ten days period, the client interviews the candidates (normally different executives from the company) and make the decision, prepare the offer, and send this to the selected professional through JobLine.

Total time: 30- 45 days.

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